Leadership Development
Continuing Professional Development Courses

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CLA Training

This training provision allows Classroom Learning Assistants (CLAs) the opportunity to explore and develop teaching and learning techniques to support their work within schools and to ensure that pupils make good progress in their lessons.

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“The Classroom Learning Assistant Training allowed me the opportunity to really develop my skills in behaviour management and lesson planning before starting to cover and lead lessons. It was an invaluable help with lots of real life scenarios to practise—most of which I encountered in my first few weeks as a CLA!”

Louisa AckerleyTeacher of MFL

PGCE/Initial Teacher Training

Train to teach with our bespoke package at the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT (NTS).

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“The NTS offers such great value for money, without a doubt I have made the right choice for my ITT year. They value trainee teachers and have invested so much in our development.”

Jonathan WeedonTeacher of Geography

“I never realised how much fun training to teach would be. It has been really valuable training to teach with exisiting tecahers who bring the sessions alive with interesting stories and ideas… no two days are the same.”

Daisy Young-AllsTeacher of English


NQT Training

Our Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) provision is 100% focused on Teaching and Learning methodologies linked to individual research projects designed to help teachers to rapidly improve their own practice and those of the other NQTs in the cohort. Sharing research findings and the resultant good practice is at the heart of what we do.

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“The NQT programme provided an invaluable structure and support system to bridge the gap between my training year and going it alone in the classroom. Thanks to this detailed provision I was able to make the most of an array of opportunities to further my experience and laid the foundations for my first steps into Middle Leadership in the following years.”

Leanne GrahamNQT Mentor and Subject Leader

RQT Training

Our Recently Qualified Teacher (RQT) provision has a strong focus on classroom-based research with the specific aim of developing teachers’ critical thinking through measuring the impact of current practices on enhancing children’s learning. This programme includes opportunities for peer shadowing, shared development and career development towards leadership.

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“The RQT programme was extremely helpful. It allowed me and other RQTs from across the trust to network and share our experiences and discuss development strategies. The RQT programme also gave me the opportunity to reflect on my practice and to establish links back to the theory behind our current teaching styles. The programme is invaluable as it maintains the network of support required, whilst moving into the second year of teaching.”

James BodenTeacher of Geography

Middle Leadership Training

The focus for our Middle Leadership training is broad and includes every element of the Middle Leader role. These include the development of leadership styles, effective leadership to inspire, the development of teaching and learning to create best practice in a team and research into best practice nationally.

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“The Middle Leaders course gave me the perfect opportunity to reflect on my personal strengths and areas for development, and most importantly gave me the chance to meet, and share experiences and good practice with a range of colleagues from different departments and school settings in a positive, constructive and collegiate environment.”

Alex DaviesPerformance Director for MFL

Aspiring Senior Leadership Training

This programme covers the key elements of senior leadership with a strong focus on developing whole school improvement and on empowering middle and senior leaders. A research-based case study and a comparison school review, allow teachers seeking to move into whole school leadership the opportunity to reflect on which areas of leadership they are most suited for and to support whole school change as part of their training.

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“The ASL course was invaluable in providing us with an opportunity to experience and plan for the demands of school leadership. Working with highly skilled senior leaders from a wide variety of school settings was fascinating and gave me the opportunity to reflect on my own leadership strengths and to broaden my experience of ‘real time’ leadership challenges.”

Jen GraySchool Leader, Toot Hill School
“What does matter is teachers having a mind frame in which they see it as their role to evaluate their effect on learning.”
John A C Hattie