The Big 6

Creating outstanding teachers of the future through our School Based Initial Teacher Training programme

Train to teach at the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT in partnership with the University of Nottingham. We offer the full range of School Direct and Core pathways for both primary and secondary teacher training in all subject areas.

Identifying and growing expert teaching and leadership talent

The development of future school leaders, talent management and effective succession planning is at the heart of our training here at the Torch Teaching School Alliance. We provide a wide range of training and support (link to CDP and Training Courses tab) to ensure that staff have the opportunity to fulfil their leadership potential.

Developing bespoke courses, subject networks and highly skilled mentors in order to provide the highest quality training for teachers at every stage of their career

Our training offer is truly comprehensive! From training to teach on our PGCE Course at the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT, to completing your Headship qualifications, we offer expert support and guidance.

Delivering creative and collegiate approaches to school-to-school support

Our School to School Support package contributes to a school driven self-improvement model which can lead to significant improvements in pupil outcomes. The Nottinghamshire Torch Teaching School Alliance takes an active lead in the co-ordination and provision of support for other schools. We ensure that the best leaders from across our Trust are working to improve the quality of teaching and leadership where it is most needed.

Offering the expertise of a wide and varied group of Specialist Directors of Education from across our trust

Our SDEs are outstanding practitioners who have a record of school improvement behind them. They can support with training, consultancy, mentoring, or providing temporary additional skills through teacher or senior leader placement. Individual deployments are based on need and demand and there is no predefined time commitment.

Encouraging our members to engage in research and development

Our aim at the Nottinghamshire Torch Teaching School Alliance is to provide regular research opportunities in order to deepen teachers’ understanding of how to facilitate the optimum learning experiences for children to achieve.

“Create a culture where all teachers improve so that all students succeed.”
Dylan Wiliam 2016